The More You Think About Money The More You Make

He who thinks consistently about a thing will usually tend to grow towards that thing, whether it be riches, poverty, love, hate or anything else under the اسعار ماكينات عد النقود بمصر. Have you ever noticed how when sometimes you are just thinking about somebody, they will call or send you a message. Or at times just when you are thinking about something that you need, that thing will show up? In the Jamaican culture, when one more people are talking about another person in a good or bad way and that person suddenly appears in front of you, it is now a common superstition that this person will live long. It is a common superstition which is a sign that this occurrence is far from rare.

This same idea holds true for the appearing of money. The more you begin to think about money, the more money will come your way. First you begin to think about gaining money, then you might consider how you don’t have any money. Then you might begin to think about how you can gain more money. Then concrete plans begin to form in your mind about how you can gain money or somehow money may just come your way out of no where. This has happened to me countless times, and I mean thousands of dollars, or even a job. All when I have held a keen focus on money.

It is all logical, just think about it, if you sat down one evening and decided that you were going to make pancakes for breakfast, then the whole night, you envisioned the pancakes; you saw the pancakes in your imagination, you smelt the smell of the syrup and the butter on top of the pancakes and then you tasted the combination of the pancakes, melted butter and syrup in your mouth. The next morning when you go to the store there is a 99% chance that you will be picking up pancake mix at the store or before you even get to the store, you might just end up going for breakfast because you want pancakes as soon as possible. It is the same thing with money, if you decide to have it rest on your mind for a long period of time,rest assure you will soon amass more money.However, there is something more.

It was the great Henry Ford who once said ” If one thinks they can’t or thinks they can’t, they’re both probably right”. What he meant is that the contents of your thoughts is what determines your reality, your thoughts are the tool that shapes your reality. So, just know it is not enough to just think about money you also need to think positively about money.

When you spend, don’t think that it is your last, but instead think that there is much more to come in the near future. When you look at your account and don’t see much there, close your eyes and envision that there will be much there soon. The idea is that you must have a good and upbeat relationship with this thing called money. Your connection to money must be positive no matter what the circumstance. You could be poor now, or from a broken home, it doesn’t matter, when it comes to money and success period, let your thoughts of money be positive.

There is a story about two brothers whose father was a drunk. One of these boys grew up to be a drunk just like his father and the other grew up to be rich and successful with mansions, cars and land. When asked individually as to how they both reached their stations. In life, they both had the same answer but different perspectives. The drunkard said “my father was a drunk so I had no choice (to be a drunk)”. The rich one said, “my father was a drunk so I had no choice (to be rich)”.

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