Fake UGGs Vs Authentic UGGs? Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Real Thing

Who doesn’t love a good cozy pair of UGGs? The trendy sheepskin boots and other footwear made by Deckers Outdoor have been increasing in popularity and celebrity-ubiquity for almost a decade now ,old ironside fake id website and they don’t seem close to going out of style. But with any successful fashion trend, there are bound to be dozens of fakes and rip-off manufacturers who capitalize on the style of the originals. Authentic UGGs have seen the worst of this, as fake UGGs are all over the internet and on eBay in particular.

Despite the temptation to buy cheap, fake UGGs that look like the authentic product, there are several reasons not to do this, and here are my top 5:

1. The fakes suck. No, really, they suck, and don’t let anyone tell you they found some good-quality fake UGGs. The quality is not good in any of the fakes, which is the whole reason they cost less. Authentic UGGs are made with sheepskin, which adds to their cost, but the fake versions do not have real sheepskin, and the fake material does not hold up well, and can literally make your feet smell bad.

2. They are NOT fashionable, and you will be found out. Anyone who owns authentic UGGs will be able to spot your fakes a mile away. The heels and soles are different, the stitching is not as good, and they do not “sit” the same way as the real authentic UGG boots. Fashion-conscious people hate fake UGGs.

3. Fakes don’t save money. Would you rather spend $140 on a pair of authentic UGGs that last and look nice for over a year, or $40 on a pair that will look horrible after a month? You will spend less in the long run with authentic UGGs.

4. Fake UGGs are bad for your feet. Due to the inferior sole, and the wider ankle you’ll see with the non-authentic UGGs, your heel will shift and lean to one side, which will give you foot problems. The whole appeal of UGGs is that they are a comfortable, fashionable, sheepskin boot, and if you buy fake UGGs you’ll miss out on all 3 of these advantages!

5. You could be indirectly supporting child labor and terrorism. Many of the producers of fake UGGs are in areas that practice child labor, and some criminal organizations known to make fake fashion products have also funded terrorism with their earnings. Don’t let your money go to that stuff.

A good and authentic pair of UGGs is worth the investment and worth the time to save up for. Maybe go without something else in your wardrobe for awhile to be able to afford them.

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