Understanding Cannabis Dispensary Etiquette

Visiting a cannabis dispensary can be daunting cannabis cartridge for a first timer. It may be overwhelming for you like what you are supposed to do,Understanding Cannabis Dispensary Etiquette Articles the things you need to bring, and others. Dispensaries are the only place where you can get legal weed but they are subject to regulations. When typing “dispensaries near me” on the search engine, it will be best for you to do some research about dispensary etiquette as well.

In this article, we shall take a look the rules and regulations you need to keep in mind when visiting dispensaries.The most important thing you need to bring when visiting a dispensary is a valid ID and some cash. In most states, a valid ID is needed to prove that you are of legal age (21 years old and above). Also, if you are purchasing medical cannabis, you need to present your doctor’s recommendation.

As for the mode of payment, you need to bring cash. Cannabis isn’t Federally legal yet so credit card providers and banks are unable to process transactions from dispensaries. However, if you are in luck, there might be some dispensaries that accept credit cards but don’t count on that too much.

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