Going Custom Without the Sticker Shock unique engagement rings

In most jewelry stores, the word customized immediately sends sparks around the room, as salespeople and customers alike know the cost of an unique engagement rings is about to skyrocket. Today, most jewelry stores provide the option to choose your setting and stone separately, but the option to pick your diamond, or other precious stone, is hardly the same as building a customized ring from start to finish.

Whether shopping solo or as a couple, there are a number of people going customized for their engagement ring. While every couple and all love stories are already personal and unique, a custom ring exemplifies the individuality of your relationship. The obvious reason is that a customized ring is entirely unique. In theory, no one else in the world will have the same ring because it is designed by you. That fact makes it a very special gift for your loved one, and is a feature of a ring that will last a lifetime. However, this isn’t the only reason to go customized.

A custom ring may also better reflect your relationship. Perhaps after viewing other handmade rings, none were exactly what you wanted to purchase or had envisioned. With Custom Handmade Engagement Rings , you can design a ring exactly as you imagined. This exact design might be the best representation of your love and path as a couple, which could be worth the extra cost.

As well, many people see the opportunity for a custom ring as an opportunity to make a statement. A custom design provides an opportunity for creativity. Whether it is an artful characteristic or special feature, custom rings often include a lavish touch that will catch the eye. These potential flourishes can take a ring from average to everlasting.

Engagement rings are notoriously expensive. There are multiple theories on what a partner should spend on this important piece of jewelry, but few of these calculations take into account what a traditional jeweler will charge for an entirely custom ring. As well, creating this ring can also take a lot more time than when you order an existing setting and stone.

However, there are ways to reasonably create your own ring. First, understand that customized might be a sacrifice of the ideal diamond or other stone. Many people find that by choosing a slightly different stone, they can offset the cost of a customized ring. Second, it is possible to cut back on the number of stones you place in a setting, which can help with some costs. Another option is choosing a handmade-specializing artisan to design your creation.

Often, custom handmade engagement rings are slightly less expensive than their big budget alternatives, and these rings also feature the artist’s individual taste and design. This likely means your ring will be even more unique. However, it is also a requirement that you find the right artisan. If you are considering a handmade creation, it is likely that ethical stones and materials are important, just as the artist’s usual inspiration.

When you do work with the right artisan for a custom engagement ring, the result can be incredible. If you are looking for a handmade and custom ring, contact Olivia Ewing Jewelry to start the conversation. We provide beautiful engagement rings that begin with a simple and straightforward consultation. Find all our information on custom designs on our website.

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